I am a writer and I love writing for other people to help them to get their voices heard, their companies noticed or their stories told.

I’ve ghosted posts for people who needed a think-piece (usually at very short notice with very little briefing) about business development strategy or to make a news item about the housing industry relevant to their product.

Of course I’ve written about what really makes a brand quite a lot and why it’s OK for you not to have a ‘why?’ Which often leads to writing a short, natural mission for their website.

Interviewing clients can be a great way to get a tacit testimonial whilst making them look good.  They get to show off their expertise and the client basks in the reflected glory; like these with Hugo from Surfers Against Sewage, Tim from Clancy Docwra and this long one with Tor from STA travel.

Some clients needed help articulating what they mean by left brain / right brain thinking, and why it’s not good enough to make something work well, it has to work beautifully.

Other times they want to try and encourage their clients to think about using the latest technology so it’s helpful to set a bold vision of what the future might look like. I got some of it right.

Quite often clients need to show that they understand the big, conceptual issues around software development processes like Agile, and so it’s good to explain why spies think that boiling frogs can’t build Death Stars.

Sometimes a client calls up and says, “Please can you help me? Waste Water Treatment magazine want a comment piece about the role of big data and AI in the water industry.”

“Sure, and when do they want this by?”

“Er, tomorrow. Is that OK?

“Sure, no problem Mr Edwards. I’ll get something over to you by the end of the day.”

I'm a firm believer that even if you’re writing B2B posts on LinkedIn you should never ever be boring

I write, under my own name, about growing businesses with soul, conviction, integrity and real human personality, and that lives on my own website here

I was the most read guest writer on the Do Lectures’ Contribute blog on Medium and you can find examples about self-realisation here; the power of listening here; and about love here.

I post most things on Medium including most of my recreational writing, which may or may not help.

If you’d like me to write like that for you, please do let me know. There’s a form below for exactly that purpose.