The Know Sessions

"The Know Sessions [workshops] are perfect if you want to find your own way to build your business. The space Tim held for us all to workshop our thoughts was so valuable. I’m full of ideas, and more importantly actions, for the next stages of my little studio.” Steve Arscott - Studio In The Sticks.

“Tim’s workshop was insightful, helpful and, most importantly, great fun. Who doesn’t love some time away to re-think, re-focus… re-ally get to grips with the necessary steps to ensure business success. Highly recommend! “ Charlotte Raffo - Let’s Go This way

  • Are you are planning to start your own business and need help getting ready to leap?

  • Have you started your own business but need help to make it grow, or to take it from a side project to being your main thing?

  • Is your company doing well, but you have bigger ambitions to make it grow and lack the experience or expertise to know how to make a big step up?

  • Do you need to get better at selling yourself, or your stuff, without selling your soul?

  • Are you too busy running your business to find time to grow your business?

  • Need help seeing the wood from the trees?

Then a Know Session is probably right for you.


It was for them…

"What a fabulous day's training, a complete breakdown of some of the key elements we haven't been thinking about and really should be. We came away awash with fresh ideas and the knowledge of how to formulate a plan of action. Thank you for helping us see the wood from the trees!" Charles Fanshawe - Moorswood.

“Get down to this if you can! Tim has been an integral advisor in Pikilily’s evolution over the past three years and would very much recommend this event if you are thinking of a new direction and need a smart and creative sounding board to help you work out your next move!” Claire Elsdon - Pikilily.

I regularly run workshops for individuals and companies to help them clarify what they are doing, where they are going and how they are going to get there. They’re always different and are always tailored to suit the audience, but they nearly always follow the principles of Know, Know & Be Known - the most effective way I’ve found of planning any kind of campaign.

Everyone always leaves with a clear and simple plan - with very specific aims, objectives and actions - that acts both as a roadmap and a to do list.

"A really great outcome from the session was that it really gave me the push to go ahead with ideas I'd been mulling over but that I hadn't put into action. I think because the session attracts likeminds it became a very positive and productive environment. And very inspiring. We all wanted to help each other out, led by [Tim’s] guidance and expert knowledge." Naomi Eden - Collate Interiors.

"Tim's workshop was not just inspiring, it was incredibly practical. I left feeling energised and knowing how to move forward." Becky Okell - Paynter

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