WHAT Do we do?

We show you how to make a simple step by step plan that is easy to follow, easy to implement and easy to measure.  

We teach your marketing teams how to use all of their tools more effectively, and how to hone their campaigns to achieve commercial and strategic goals. 

We teach your sales teams how to use both digital and traditional communication tools to grow pipelines, generate real leads and to hit their targets.

We teach management and leaders how to get the very best out of their sales and marketing teams and how to use the best analytics to understand the financial power of their work.

We coach them all how to work together to develop strong brands that customers trust, to tell personal success stories, and how to build and maintain influential digital reputations.

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WHO are we?

DirtMeetsTheWater is mainly, but not exclusively, Tim LeRoy.  

I have more than twenty years’ experience of social, digital and direct marketing for successful sales and marketing teams.  

I have worked with both the biggest global brands and smallest local companies, all around the world. 

As a former PR & Communications Manager, Brand Director and Head of Marketing I understand the commercial pressures marketing teams face. 

I not only understand what it takes to create successful brands and campaigns, but also how to measure and report their success for senior management.  

I am a teacher, a coach, a cheerleader and I get the very best out of people. I love what I do and it’s infectious.   

I'd love to help your organisation to flourish.

We have worked with some of the most amazing companies on the planet. Can we help you?