Resources I often mention in my workshops

It’s OK not to have a ‘Why?’

Imposter Syndrome? Don’t worry - he doesn’t know what he’s doing either.

The Obstacle is the way

The wonderful Valuable Content - tonnes of great resources and guides. Sign up for their newsletter.

Documentally - regular, eclectic, personal and brilliant newsletter on creating ‘content’ and lots of interesting cultural stuff. “What I’m looking for is a curator with an emotional intelligence and informed curiosity and they are rare as rare can be.” [I pay £4 a month for it and it’s worth every penny, but you can get if for free too.] Sign up.

Nutshell - the best Marvin [CRM] for small businesses.

This is an excellent interview with Rick Ridgeway who is Vice President of Public Engagement at Patagonia. He’s a true dude and he’s super wise on using business for good  [Looking Sideways Podcast]

Make a damn good plan to grow. [a brief guide to my format]

Some other things I wrote:

It Ain’t What You Do It’s The Way That You Do It.

5 Point Manifesto For Doing Better Business With Businesses.

Never ever be boring.

Find out who you are then be it on purpose (includes stories about dildoes.)

Thanks to Rich for the reminder that ‘you don’t know Jack’. It’s an ad for IBM’s data marketing tools (which I do not endorse) but it makes a very good point about really ‘knowing your enemy’.

Fast Good Cheap - pick two.

If you click the image below you should get a PDF of a dozen of the most useful slides from my presentation deck.

The best of Swiss Toni