Hello I'm Tim LeRoy, and I help important young companies to grow.

I work as a coach and a counsellor to founders and leaders, to help them see the wood from the trees, to make sensible and workable plans, and to help them clarify all the complexity that comes with running a growing company.

I have helped to build the reputations of some of the biggest global brands and the smallest local companies, all around the world, and I can help you to communicate the right thing, to the right people, at the right time.

My simple formula for any kind of growth campaign is called Know, Know and Be Known and it’ll soon be a book.  I write regularly about growing businesses with soul, conviction, integrity and real human personality, and you can read my kind of thinking here.

I’m currently working with The Design Kids, Solidwool, Raise Architects, Cut By Beam, Cambridge Software Services and Dootrix.